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The food industry is more sophisticated than most in its ability to direct attention away from unpleasant or unpopular truths. Large food manufacturers, fast food empires and even some in the natural foods trade would prefer us not to think too deeply about the food we eat. The Chemical Kitchen feeds America, and the cost of service is very high indeed. - Bill Tara

More Food Related Diseases

We're in big trouble. We've been facing an epidemic in food-related diseases for over fifty years. We're obese, diabetic, and dying from heart disease, cancer and a myriad of other illnesses. And we're doing it in record numbers. Today there are more hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, practitioners, and pharmaceutical companies than ever before. And the cost of healthcare continues to spiral out of control with no end in sight.

So much of our food today is genetically engineered, tainted with growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and toxins that our long-term health is at real risk. Record numbers of us suffer from chronic conditions, allergies, infections and a host of other preventable and curable ailments, but do nothing about it because we are confused. Making good choices has become a baffling riddle for most of the population.

How Our Children Are Affected

And it's not just adults who are being affected. In the last several decades, the addition of hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, chemical and artificial additives too numerous to list, together with questionable manufacturing and farming practices, has contributed to more and more of our kids today suffering from adult diseases. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even bone loss in the late teens and early twenties have become more and more prevalent. As reported in many medical journals, the unnatural phenomenon of early onset puberty
(attributable to the widespread use of growth hormones in factory farming practices) is creating a generation of kids who may not live as long as their parents.

Whom Do We Believe?

The irony is that most of the information we receive about food and health comes to us from news sound bites, entertainment and talk shows, leading us to believe we're informed. In reality, we're being manipulated and bulldozed by the media, lobbyists, and special interest groups, through their use of aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns. The reality is in the statistics and research that says we are on a path to a catastrophic healthcare crisis that is largely preventable...provided we act now.

A Sense of Purpose

The purpose of The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative is to change our relationship with food. With education as its foundation, the goal of The Initiative is to provide a number of specifically designed programs to the schools, the community and the food industry.

As public demand for more healthy food choices has increased, many mainstream food manufacturers are actively seeking help in creating higher quality, more healthful foods. Christina is currently retained by one of America's largest and oldest food manufacturers to help them do just that.

Success can only be achieved through education, understanding and action.

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